Pizza on the Moon!: Preparing for Sundial 2016

The Sundial Program at Arizona State University is gearing up for its 2016 summer session! This year, students can expect a hands-on introduction into the modern study of exoplanets– those mysterious things in the spectra of stars. To prepare, the academic and social facilitators this year have spent the summer organizing lessons, projects, panels, and trips centered on both the subject of exoplanets and the college experience as a whole. As a productive break from this planning, the facilitators got together on July 20th and practiced some of the team-building exercises the social facilitators wanted to implement during the program. The facilitators tied themselves in knots, guided each other through obstacle courses, and tried to stand up against the backs of nine others at the same time. Of course, there was pizza, too. And ISTB4′s awesome crater carpet.

How 'bout that Human Knot?

How ’bout that Human Knot?