Summer Program

The Sundial Summer Program is a fun, hands-on, engaging opportunity for incoming physics and SESE students.  It is also the official start of Sundial’s academic year of services! The program is two weeks long and takes place just before the Fall semester starts and is offered at no cost to participants.

The transition to a big university can be overwhelming, but having friends even before their first semester starts can make the experience easier.  The summer program helps with just that: the main goal of the summer program is to build friendships and a sense of community for incoming ASU physics and SESE students.  Alongside building friendships, students experience the scientific mindset by exploring a science topic through experimental discovery.

raw_20140806_0895There are many components of the summer program, including social activities, exploring science topics, math, and writing.  The goal of the science activities are to build understanding from the “ground up” — so the only prerequisite is curiosity.  The summer program is facilitated by current ASU faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, helping freshmen build a robust network. Unlike a traditional class, there are very few lectures, no grades, and no tests.  Instead, Sundial students get to experience doing science as scientists do — by looking at observations and discussing results.

raw_20140805_0873In addition to studying a science topic, the summer program activities include lab tours, exposure to research at ASU, social events, and opportunities to get acquainted with the campus.  The program is limited to 30 students, so early applications are encouraged.

The Summer program is only the beginning of what Sundial has to offer. We also have year-long activities, including pairing you up with a mentor who can help you with your transition in the fall.  In the spring, we offer a course on how to prepare for research and professional success. Sundial is part of a national network of similar programs called the Access Network. As a Sundial student you may have the opportunity to attend the Access Network meeting with students from around the country!

If you want to know how students felt about their summer program experience check out the testimonials written by the attendees here!

The 2017 Summer Program begins Sunday, July 30 and runs through Friday, August 11.  Activities begin at 9 a.m. and go through the evening.  Each day you will have a couple hours for a break and dinner. Evening activities focus on building friendships and getting to know the campus. All meals included. Participation is by invitation only.