Current Grad Students

Why get involved?

Sundial is an organization that centers around building and maintaining a community in physics and SESE. This is just a very broad description of what we do and it encompasses many avenues of involvement! As a current grad student at ASU, you bring a very helpful perspective to those who are in the midst of their undergraduate education. You’ve already applied to grad schools, been accepted, and started doing research! You can provide those around you with a direction in their pursuits in studying the world around us by sharing your own experiences.

We have a few programs that help guide students as they progress through their degrees. There are a multitude of ways to get involved in Sundial, and each one a rewarding experience in its own right.

Want to get involved in Sundial? Current graduate students in Sundial can

  • Serve as a mentor to other students through the mentoring program
  • Help organize and attend social events
  • Participate in body meetings
  • Serve on Sundial committees
  • Attend and present in seminars
  • Be a leader for diversity and change!
  • … Did you notice all these are the same no matter where you are in your academic career? ;)

If this sounds exciting to you, contact Sundial and request to be added to the Sundial LISTSERV to receive information regarding current events and Sundial body and committee meetings.