Welcome to Sundial

Sundial is a community of freshmen, upperclassmen, graduate students, and faculty at ASU, dedicated to building an inclusive and supportive community of folks interested in the physical sciences. The programs offered by Sundial are:


  • An Early Start Summer Program for incoming freshmen. In this program, students learn about a physical science topic, learn about the tools and methods used by researchers, and most importantly, build a community and make friends.
  • A fall mentoring program for first year freshmen, to continue the community started in the Early Start program, and help freshmen acclimate to ASU.
  • A spring mentoring program which matches underclassmen with upperclassmen and graduate students to learn about research, careers, and complete a mini science project.
  • A spring No Jargon Science Conference, which the public is invited to attend, that features ASU researchers, Sundial mentors and mentees explaining their science in everyday vocabulary.
  • Student leadership in the summer and mentoring programs.
  • Community building events such as game nights, Women in Science celebration, etc.

Sundial is also a part of the Access Network, and provides students opportunities to participate in the national network as student leaders.